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A message from our CEO

I am truly proud to offer you this short introduction to the business and people that make up Prudential Investment Managers in South Africa. 

Our company has a clear objective: we help our clients achieve financial security.  To do this we aim to deliver excellent investment returns on clients’ savings that are under our stewardship, through an unwavering focus on our investment process and performance outcomes.

In addition to delivering excellent investment returns, Prudential aims to give exceptional client service that is ethical, professional and supports our brand promise of “consistency”.

Our people

In support of our primary objective, we foster and reward a culture of excellence.  We employ people who are not only highly skilled, but also passionate about our industry and investment markets in general.  We value diverse, independent thinking and self-motivated people who enjoy working in a collaborative team-based culture.  We aim to treat employees with dignity and fairness, and to provide a stimulating work environment. 

Our employees’ interests are aligned with those of clients: significant portions of our own savings are invested alongside clients in our portfolios.  All employees are also indirect shareholders in Prudential, which ensures that we act in the long-term best interest of all our stakeholders. 

As a South African-based business, we acknowledge our role in contributing to the transformation of our society, and growing an inclusive and vibrant economy to the benefit of all the people of our amazing country.

Our offices

We've recently redesigned our offices with a specific objective in mind, to create a beautiful work environment that enhances collaboration and promotes employee wellbeing.

To achieve this objective we partnered with one of the country’s leading specialists in interior architecture and commercial design. Every aspect of our design was meticulously thought through, from the décor to the material, every feature was carefully chosen based on form and quality. The result of this collaborative effort is an office space that provides the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Our staff remain our most important asset, which is why we have gone to such great lengths to ensure an optimal working environment for all to experience. We have allocated two floors of ‘working’ space, comprising of open-plan areas, offices, meeting rooms, quiet/private spaces and pause areas for relaxation. We also have a floor dedicated to our clients, which boasts state-of-the art meeting room facilities and a lounge area.

We truly believe that we have created a space that encourages creativity and productivity; one of many reasons that make Prudential a great place to work.

We currently have 2 positions available

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We currently have 2 positions available

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R230 Billion


R57 Billion


R173 Billion

AUM Reflected as at 30 September 2020


Cape Town, 1994


Cape Town (HO), Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth & Windhoek, Namibia




Level 2


M&G plc: 49.99%; Staff Investment Company: 28.01%; Thesele Group: 22%


Licensed financial services provider (FSP45199) under the FAIS Act