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Quantitative Analyst


We're hiring a Quantitative Analyst to join us in the Front Office team at Prudential. Preference will be given to appropriately qualified, previously disadvantaged candidates in order to achieve the numerical goals and targets to address Prudential’s EE Plan.

Basic job requirements:

  • Relevant academic qualification with a strong focus on statistics, applied mathematics, data analysis, or financial modelling
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience as a quantitative analyst/quant developer/risk analyst – both junior and more experienced candidates are welcome to apply
  • Willing to consider completing the CFA qualification (or CAIA, or FRM, or similar)

Software requirements:

  • R (preferred) or Matlab or Python. VBA would also be useful.
  • Bloomberg, Inet/IRESS, Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv experience would be an advantage
  • Factset and/or Barra experience would be useful


Depending on the successful candidate’s aptitude and interests, this role could evolve either in a traditional quants direction, or towards more of an investment risk focus. Both junior and senior candidates will be considered. An overview of the intended functions of the role follows:

  • Supporting the investment process and broader business with sound analysis and interpretation of data as a member of the quants team
  • General and recurring analysis tasks related to being a member of the quants team (both for the investment team and other parts of the business)
  • Coding skills – R strongly preferred, otherwise Matlab or Python
  • Generating ideas and prototypes for tools to enhance the investment process
  • Enhancing existing quantitative portfolio management tools (written in R)
  • Reading, understanding and maintaining others’ code, and writing code that others will read
  • Sourcing, organising and cleaning the data required for tools and prototypes under development
  • Developing and documenting machine learning and/or statistical models to assist in the investment process
  • Use of the MSCI Barra system to design produce risk reports for consumption within the business, and to answer questions about the risk characteristics of Prudential’s portfolios
  • Interpretation, analysis and explanation of investment risk reports for the portfolio managers and broader investment team
  • Remaining abreast of developments in big data/ AI/ fintech that may be useful in the investment context


  • Motivated and able to learn new skills and concepts independently, and capable of consuming large volumes of information
  • A finisher
  • Able to work at a consistent rate even without firm deadlines
  • Ability to think through and solve complex problems
  • The ability to accept requests that specify the question to be answered, but not necessarily how to answer it
  • The ability to determine when a rapid, “good enough” answer is required, vs a detailed, perfectly robust one
  • Self-organising, able to prioritise unless external guidance is provided
  • Able to judge when to ask for help
  • Able to function well as part of a team with complementary but different skills
  • The ability and confidence to clearly explain technical material at a level appropriate to the audience
  • Sense of accountability, ethics and responsibility
  • Attention to detail, with consistent production of clearly documented, well-organised output
  • Ability to work independently and to accept feedback

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