Investment Analyst Development Program

Investment Analyst Development Program

Investment Analyst Development Program


The Prudential Investment Analyst Development Program seeks to equip aspiring investment professionals with knowledge of, skills in, and exposure to the investment management profession. This program offers individuals who have a passion for  investing the opportunity to undertake an intensive development program towards an investment analyst career. Candidates will rotate across six functional areas at Prudential Investment Managers (Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset, Investment Operations, Client Services and Equity Dealing) within a role which progressively grows in responsibility and accountability over the 24-month period.

Upon successful conclusion of the two-year program (or earlier under specific circumstances), participants may be offered permanent employment.  If no such permanent position is available at Prudential at that time, participants will be free to apply to suitable roles at other firms.

We will require that all program participants enrol with the CFA Institute, and undertake studies and exams towards the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification. We will fund the related costs, and reasonable study leave will be provided.

Throughout the program term, participants will be regularly assessed and guided through any areas of improvement.  If, however, through a process of performance management, a participant is judged not to be performing at our desired level, participation in the program may be terminated before the end of the two-year contract term.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with excellent problem-solving skills, analytical and technical abilities, and great communications skills. You must display strict attention to detail, be a quick learner, and enjoy working in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment. Above all, we seek individuals with a passion for investment markets.

What you need to apply

  • Substantial preference for EE candidates
  • Completed post-graduate degree in Investments, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Actuarial Science or related fields;
  • Some previous work experience will be preferred
  • Strong desire to work in financial services and a passion for investing
  • Proven record of academic excellence


Over the course of the program, each candidate will rotate through six functional areas at Prudential:

  • Fixed Income Investment Team (6 months)
  • Equity Dealing (2 months)
  • Investment Operations (2 months)
  • Client Services (2 months)
  • Multi-Assets Investment Team (6 months)
  • Equity Investment Team (6 months)


As a firm, we strongly encourage learning and capability development of all our employees. Consequently, a key part of this program is mandatory training, which will be fully funded by Prudential. Below is a list of the compulsory training which all Candidates will undergo, presented by the ASISA Academy:

Introduction to SA saving and investment sector

  • Why we save?
  • How we save?
  • Factors driving the financial markets

Investment management business overview

  • Key Teams in Investment Manager
  • Fees & Benchmarking
  • Outsourcing

Communication & Presentation Skills

  • Appropriate effective communication style
  • Presentation tips & techniques
  • Connecting with others & Listening

Derivatives Training

  • Nature & Types of Derivatives
  • Uses of Derivatives
  • Managing Derivatives risks

Fundamentals of pricing and unitisation

  • Instrument Pricing
  • Unitisation

Investment management ethics

  • Common ethical dilemmas and conflict of interest
  • Investment business code of conduct and key policies

Fundamentals of equities portfolio management

  • History of the markets
  • Attributes of the asset class
  • Investment Philosophy

Candidate Development

The program is designed to be challenging, and you will be held to high standards while being  evaluated and coached regularly. Once you have successfully completed the initial 24-month graduate program there may be two possible outcomes:

  • You may be offered a permanent junior analyst role at Prudential, depending on availability of permanent positions at that time and your personal performance during the program; or
  • Your contract will end, and you can then use the professional network and relationships created during the program to transition your career to another firm within the asset management industry.

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