Invest with us

As a client of Prudential, how do we help you achieve your financial goals? We consistently apply our prudent valuation-based investing approach: Simply put, we buy stocks and bonds that we think are undervalued by the market, and sell them once they have risen to reach their fair value to produce market-beating returns. We believe that consistency is key to successful investing.


We offer our clients a consistently strong long-term track record

We’ve built up an enviable track record for strong investment performance over time. Whether you want income, capital growth or both from your investments, we’re able to offer you top-performing unit trust funds to deliver these objectives.


Our Investment Edge


  • To have some holy grail from superior insights
  • To be able to forecast the future better than others
  • To employ a "smarter" team than others
  • To perform better company analysis


  • To take active advantage of price movements and value opportunities
  • To have a stable and proven investment philosophy and team
  • To invest for the long term
  • To be trustworthy and honest in all our dealings


We stick to our prudent valuation-based investment philosophy


  • We are valuation-based.
  • We construct portfolios on a prudent, risk conscious basis.
  • We focus on the long term, ignoring short-term “noise”. 

We also overlay a “quality” screen, meaning we build our portfolios with a balanced mix of undervalued stocks and certain high-quality businesses for which we pay fair value. The result for our clients is a portfolio of better-quality stocks at a price that’s cheaper than its benchmark, that doesn’t miss out on any potential growth.

This investment philosophy allows us to build steady long-term outperformance.


You can benefit from a successful and experienced investment team

With over 400 years' collective experience, our investment team is dedicated to actively managing our clients’ funds using the same prudent valuation-based investment philosophy they’ve applied successfully for the past two decades. In the rapidly changing financial markets, our team has been remarkably stable, resulting in investment success for our clients and ourselves.


We put our clients first

Our clients are at the heart of our business and we're committed to providing the highest standards of client service. We've not only invested in great people, but state-of-the-art systems too, which enable our experienced in-house team to deliver on all our client queries and transactional support. Our clients can also contact us in a manner that suits them, be it on the phone, our website, email or even via one of our social media portals. 

You benefit from Prudential affiliates' international expertise and resources

Being part of such a successful global company as M&G plc gives us access to some of the best worldwide resources and investment expertise to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. The group's large scale and financial strength also offer significant benefits that many other South African asset managers can't match.

Our skills in asset allocation give you top diversified returns

Our multi-asset unit trusts are among the top performers in their categories, due to the expertise of our asset allocation team. As market conditions change, our team identifies cheap or expensive asset classes and carefully shifts weightings between them in order to generate extra returns.

Prudential is becoming M&G Investments
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