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Thank you for choosing to invest with Prudential. Welcome to our online application form, where you can follow the simple steps below to invest with us.


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Only individuals investing without a financial adviser should complete this online application – if you would like to invest with the help of a financial adviser, please download our Unit Trust application form.

Tax-Free Unit Trusts

To invest in our tax-free unit trusts, please complete an online Tax-Free Unit Trust Application Form or download the PDF form here.

Required Documents

It’s important to know that before Prudential can enter into any transaction with you as an investor, strict regulations require us to verify your identity, address and banking information. As part of the application process, you will need to provide us with the following documents:

Proof Of Id

Proof of ID

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*not older than three months
**Please provide 3 specimen signatures by signing a blank piece of paper and uploading this to the relevant section

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