Lynn Bolin

Head of Communications and Media

September 2016

5 things you didn’t know about Prudential’s heritage

#1 Prudential has been closely associated with a woman for over 150 years in the UK

Lady Prudence, the figure that appears in our company logo, has been the public face of Prudential since 1848, when her image was used for the company seal, representing the values of the new business. At the time, a “prudent” act was considered to combine memory, intelligence and foresight, and so showing awareness of past, present and future. The image was adapted from a piece seen on stained glass, painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds for the chapel of New College, Oxford. 

#2 Our modern corporate logo is still based on tradition

While our current logo was designed 30 years ago, the same concept of prudence still shapes our corporate culture and investing philosophy today. The mirror symbolises self-reflection, the arrow represents direction and the serpent represents wisdom.

#3 We were trailblazers in insurance

Founded in 1848 by George Rogers-Harrison in London, the Prudential Mutual Assurance Investment and Loan Association provided loans to professional and working people. Six years later the company introduced a relatively new concept of industrial branch insurance policies, which were offered to working class people for premiums as low as one penny. Door-to-door salesmen operated as agents introducing the concept to potential clients.

#4 Our family tree is impressive

Prudential Investment Managers was founded in Cape Town in 1994 as part of Prudential plc, and works closely with the Prudential Group’s asset management companies around the world. That makes us part of a family of hundreds of investment professionals in global asset management teams, including Jackson Life Insurance, PPM America, Prudential UK, M&G Investments, Prudential Asia and EastSpring Investments. 

#5 We are proudly South African

Prudential Investment Managers is firmly rooted in South Africa and majority-owned by South Africans: 28.1% is held by local staff via the Prudential Staff Investment Company and 22% by Thesele Group, our black empowerment partner. The balance is owned by Prudential plc (via its wholly-owned subsidiary M&G Investments Ltd).


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