Prudential Investment Managers

Prudential Investment Managers

November 2015

Prudential People - Meet Christo Geyer, Head of Business Development

Prudential People - Meet Christo Geyer, Head of Business Development

Tell us what your role involves and why you enjoy it…

As Head of Business Development I get to represent the firm to prospective and current clients. It is a phenomenal role and plays to my strengths: I enjoy engaging with people as well as the technical understanding required. I spent the first half of my career working as an actuary, but asset management is cooler. I’m also responsible for business management and strategic aspects of Prudential Life, as well as the Presentations area, where I work with a super team.

Your ambition during your school days…

To go on a date! And maybe to own a sports car one day.

A recent favourite read? Why did you like it?

A Memento for Istanbul by Turkish author Ahmet Ümit. We spent a few thoroughly enjoyable days in Istanbul in July and the book was recommended by a local. It is a cleverly written, modern murder mystery interspersed with historical clues identifying the killers and enjoyable insights into Turkish culture – basically CSI With Some Soul. Highly recommended.

Your mother taught you…

Wear clean underwear. Don’t talk with food in your mouth. Be polite. What’s done is done. The wheel turns.

Where did you spend your most recent holiday?

This year has been a demanding one, but we’ve been fortunate with some fantastic holidays, including Istanbul and Italy, and some beautiful local destinations. I also joined seven mates on an England golf tour, played the four British Open courses and some others where mortals cannot tread – a golfer’s dream.

In 30 years’ time the world will be…

Wildly unrecognisable in some ways; distressingly similar in others. On the one hand, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, profound scientific advances and increases in human health/life expectancy. On the other, worsening climate change, deep social/religious divisions and even greater inequality between those with access to technology/wealth and those without. But the Bokke will have won the World Cup again.

The businessperson you most admire is…

Elon Musk or the founders of Google; smart people who are passionate about doing good things. Elon is a fellow nerd from Pretoria; he has my respect.

Stranded on a desert island with three strangers, who are they?

Stephen Hawking, for shooting the breeze; Billy Joel, for background music; Cheryl Cole, for... well you know, quality company and all that.

What is your number-one bucket-list activity?

A month on the Galápagos Islands, retracing Charles Darwin’s route and observing the creatures that contributed to his insights. And I wouldn’t say no to 36 holes at Augusta National Golf Club.

If you didn’t work in the financial services industry, what would you do?

Something creative: architect, entrepreneur, thinker.

What do you do to relax?

I love being in nature and am nuts about outdoor exercise. I catch hundreds of sunrises on the mountain (on a bicycle or in takkies) and have found myself in a forest 150 times this year. But golf is probably my favourite pastime. I’ve played 171 different courses and remember most of the holes. I have spreadsheets for everything and can tell you exactly when I exercised and played golf.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Perseverance, focus, dedication, striving to be my best… and maybe a bit of humour.


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