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November 2016

Prudential People - Winston Africa, Finance Director

Getting to know the people who manage your money, we speak to Winston Africa, Finance Director  at Prudential Investment Managers.

Winston Africa

Tell us what your role comprises and why you enjoy it…
I’ve been with Prudential since 2004, and Finance Director since 2008. In my role I’m responsible for both Finance and HR.  I enjoy it because I work with amazing people and the work is always interesting and stimulating. I enjoy working with numbers (there is always a story behind the numbers) on the finance side and enjoy working with people on the HR side.

What was the first job you ever did?
I was a casual at a liquor store earning R15 a weekend.  It did have some benefits though.

Your most vivid memory of school is…
The great teachers we had. They definitely influenced my life in a very positive way.

What is your favourite time of the day and why…
The morning, as it’s my most productive time.

Where did you spend your last holiday?
It was an amazing holiday with warm weather, very friendly people and cheap.  Our rand actually has very good buying power in Thailand.

What do you do to relax?
Watch movies with my wife and kids. 

What is your number-one bucket-list activity…
Drive a supercar around a race track for a day

What does Star Wars mean to you?
I loved Star Wars as a child. My bedroom wall was covered with posters of all the characters.  I believe in the Force!

The best part about 21st century connectivity is…
No excuse for ignorance. Information on any topic is but a Google click away.

Where do you usually spend Saturday afternoon?
If I’m not at Killarney racing my Scooby (Subaru), I’m usually at home watching sport, mostly rugby and motorsport.

The difference between being 30 and 40 is…
So much more travelling. In your 30’s you are building a career and raising a young family.  In your 40’s you should be more financially secure with grown kids, leaving more time to go travelling, locally and abroad.  The 40’s is when you can start enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Beer or champagne?
Champagne, because it’s my wife’s favourite drink. 

Money makes the world…
An unhappy place. I wish that the world’s wealth could be more evenly distributed with no poverty.  Given our level of intelligence, there should be no reason for poverty to exist. 

Who is your hero and why?
Most definitely Nelson Mandela. His humility, generosity and integrity are inspiring.  If we all could strive to be like him, this world would be a much better place.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?
As a boy I was a huge Superman fan, so the power of flight would be really cool.

What’s the tallest building you have ever seen?
The Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

What’s a recent show you enjoyed on television?

If you could learn any new language fluently, what would it be?
French, because it sounds so sexy.

Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

In 10 years, what will you be doing differently?
Most likely, I will be lecturing in Accounting at a tertiary institution. It will be my contribution back to South Africa, grooming the next generation of Finance Directors.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Keanu Reeves, just because I loved his character in my favourite movie “The Matrix”


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