Lynn Bolin

Head of Communications and Media

February 2020

Prudential wins Raging Bull award

We are pleased to report that the Prudential Global Inflation Plus Feeder Fund has won a Raging Bull Certificate for its risk-adjusted performance over five years to 31 December 2019 as the “Best (SA-domiciled) global multi-asset low equity fund”.

The fund is a rand-denominated fund investing (or feeding) directly into our Prudential Global Inflation Plus Fund, which is part of our Irish-domiciled Prudential Global Funds range of four US-dollar denominated global funds. The range is managed by our largest shareholder, London-based M&G Investments. The award is testimony to the substantial  experience and skills of the large investment team at M&G Investments, as well as the benefits of having a fund range designed specifically for South African investors.

The fund has a long history of outperforming its benchmark, as shown in the performance table. 


Prudential Global Inflation Plus Feeder Fund
(Rand total return, % p.a.)

(Global inflation,
% p.a.)

(% p.a.)

















Source: Morningstar
*The fund’s benchmark changed from the ASISA Global - Multi Asset - Low Equity Category Mean to Global Inflation on 1 November 2018.

About our global funds
Prudential’s Global Funds range is suitable for investors wanting exposure to attractive global assets not available in South Africa, or to diversify their portfolios with a view to reducing the risk inherent in an emerging market like South Africa. It caters for a variety of different risk appetites, from a lower-risk global  bond fund to a wide-ranging global equity fund, and two diversified multi-asset funds. 

Accessing the funds in US dollars or rands
South African investors have the option of investing in the Prudential Global Funds in US dollars via leading offshore investment platforms, including Investec Global Select, Stanlib (INN8), Momentum, Glacier, Old Mutual International and Allan Gray.  

Those who prefer to invest in rands (and not use their foreign currency allowance) are able to do so through our four rand feeder funds. Each feeder fund invests uniquely in their corresponding Prudential Global Fund and so provides investors with the identical underlying global exposure. Investors can go directly to the Prudential website to invest or for more information.

Raging Bull eligibility and methodology
To qualify for a Raging Bull Award or certificate, or for the PlexCrown ratings, a fund must be open to retail investors; and in the case of an award made on the basis of risk-adjusted returns, be in a major asset allocation sub-category, or in one of the other larger sub-categories. Sub-categories that have at least five actively managed funds with histories of five years or more are included in the awards.

Funds in the multi-asset sub-categories (excluding multi-asset income) are ranked over five- and three-year periods according to the Sharpe Ratio, Alpha, Sortino Ratio and Omega. The funds’ percentile rankings per measure over three and five years are time-weighted by applying weights of 40% and 60% respectively. The fund with the highest weighted percentile ranking is therefore the winner in its sub-category.

To invest in this award-winning fund, speak to your financial adviser or contact our Client Services team on 0860 105 775 or email us at 


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