Chris Wood

Senior Portfolio Manager

September 2021

PruView Webinar Invitation | Numbers don’t lie: How active stock picking is delivering alpha for our investors

Through the gloomy environment of the past 18 months, local equities have recovered very strongly, although, interestingly, in many cases share price gains haven’t kept pace with company earnings. This has reflected the general pessimism surrounding South Africa, keeping our market attractively priced and offering excellent opportunities for experienced investors.

By consistently applying our tried and tested process throughout this challenging period, focusing on fundamental analysis and valuations, Prudential’s equity funds have delivered very pleasing returns on both an absolute and relative basis. The Prudential Equity Fund is an excellent example of this outperformance, recording consistent top-quartile returns over both shorter- and longer-term periods.

What have been some of the key drivers behind this success? And why do we believe there is room for more equity market gains, as well as portfolio outperformance on top of this, to come amid the ongoing recovery from the pandemic? 

Join us for this exclusive webinar hosted by Investment Specialist Rushil Jaga, where Senior Equity Portfolio Manager Chris Wood shares his insights into the local equity market, touching on the big calls to get right in 2021, some of the key positions held within Prudential’s equity portfolios, and why we’re backing (or avoiding) certain stocks and sectors.


DATE: Thursday, 14 October 2021

TIME: 11h00 – 12h00



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