Grayson Rainier

Marketing Manager

March 2021

VIDEO: Highlights from day 3 of the 2021 Prudential PE Plett

Assegaaibosch Hotel – Tsitsikamma: Departing the Assegaaibosch Hotel, the riders entered a network of beautiful MTO foresty and some wonderful contour singletrack that the Clarkson community along with the Prudential Trail Team had helped to build. Making their way up the Tsitsikamma range with glorious views of the local forestry area, participants then entered the Regyne Protea farm before pedalling back into the MTO forest and down to the coast of Robbehoek where they were met with some magnificent sea views. Due to an increase in logging on the day, the route bypassed the Cape Pine Forestry trails and ran parallel to the N2 instead. Riders then made their way to the Tsitsikamma Lodge and Spa to mark the end of a tough but scenic day 3.  


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