Grayson Rainier

Marketing Manager

February 2020

VIDEO: Prudential PE PLETT 2020 highlights

Article Summary

Catch up on some of the highlights from this year's Prudential PE PLETT mtb race. 

We started this prestigious mountain bike race from Kurland and over the course of four (sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny but always an adventure) days, crossed the line at Crossways Farm, just outside of PE.

This  is easily one of the most picturesque events on the MTB calendar, and with its challenging terrain, steep climbs and technical single track, epitomises our belief in the power of consistency, hard work and determination.

This year we wanted all riders to experience their best Prudential PE PLETT yet, so to keep the energy levels up (and consistent), we arranged for a number of surprises over the course of the race. From daily giveaways, to the Prudential Boost Bar (stocked with iced coffee), to the newly created Prudential Stretch Zone; our aim was to help riders perform at their peak and stay consistent through each stage. While these were just a few extras to keep an eye out for, the star attraction had to be the route. The Prudential PE PLETT covers significant parts of the Cape’s iconic Garden Route, where riders had exclusive access to some of the most scenic single-track and trails in the country. Our thanks to the Red Cherry Team for their tireless efforts in organising and, in some cases, curating some of the forest single-track that you’ll experience along the way.

Entries for Prudential PE PLETT 2021 open in March, visit for more information.


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