Prudential Real Return - Inflation Plus 5%



Who Should Invest

This fund is suitable for Institutional investors that seek steady inflation-beating growth of capital through an actively managed portfolio that complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

Investment Objective

To achieve steady long-term growth of capital and income by investing in a diversified combination of domestic and international assets, where the asset allocation is tactically managed. This product targets a long-term real return of 5% (CPI + 5%). It is managed in such a manner that the likelihood of capital loss over 12 months is reduced. However, no guarantee of capital over any period is given.


Investment Vehicles

Segregated and Pooled Life


CPI + 5% over rolling three year period

Inception Date

August 2009

Composite Name

Real Return +5% Composite

Minimum Investment Size

Segregated: R500 million

Pooled Life: R20 million


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Our Real Return Offering

Real Return Funds are managed specifically to achieve a return in excess of inflation (CPI), usually over a three year rolling period. We manage these mandates with the dual objective of 1) Out-performing the specific inflation benchmark over a rolling 3 year period and 2) Capital Preservation: Ensuring no capital loss over a 12month period. We manage mandates for clients with objectives ranging from CPI+3% to CPI+7%.

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