Core Equity



Who Should Invest

This fund is suitable for Institutional investors with an average to high risk tolerance and a long term investment horizon. The fund remains ideally suited as a core holding for retirement funds or multi-managed products where an active portfolio is used as anchor component and matched with smaller satellite mandates. Depending on market conditions, Core Equity may at times be equally concentrated as Select Equity, but will generally hold more individual stock positions. 

Investment Objective

To deliver long-term returns above the benchmark through superior stock selection, by using a valuation-based approach to investing. The portfolio complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act, to the extent that this applies to a specialist asset class portfolio.


Investment Vehicles

Segregated and Pooled Life


Weighted composite of the FTSE/JSE Shareholder Weighted All Share Index (SWIX) and the FTSE/JSE Capped SWIX All Share Index (Capped SWIX)

Fund Managers

Ross Biggs, Chris Wood, Leonard Krüger and Aadil Omar

Inception Date

September 2004

Composite Name

Core Equity SWIX & SWIX Capped Composite

Minimum Investment Size

Segregated: R500 million

Pooled Life: R20 million


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Our Equity Offering

We provide two South African general equity offerings to Institutional clients, being Core Equity and Select Equity.  Our oldest Select Equity mandate dates back to November 1998 and the first Core Equity mandate to August 2004.  Both have delivered exceptional long-term performance results. All our client portfolios are managed in accordance with a consistent process using fundamental valuation techniques underpinned by a team-based research process.  This has remained materially unchanged for the past 20 years and will continue to be applied for the benefit of our clients. There are no stylistic or philosophical differences between the two institutional offerings.


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